2 comments on “Post-PAX: Continue? 9… 8… Okay, fine.

  1. I’m certainly glad I never belonged to the group that “simply sits down, flips on a game and enjoys it without thinking twice”. As a child, I never even watched cartoons like that. I remember seeing a Felix the Cat cartoon (this was the ’70s) and went to my mom with multiple reasons why the actions depicted in the show were anything from fascinating, to peculiar, to impossible.

    That said, everyone reaches a point where their perspective pulls out in a Hitchcock zoom, leaving them to ponder that newly created gap. Best thing is, at least if you’re like me, this won’t be the last time you’re evaluating where your feet are planted. Personally, I love the excitement of uncertainty!

    The only advice I can give is this: Read everything you can get your hands on. Political critique, movie reviews, food/crafting blogs, Entertainment Weekly, college text books, short stories, pop culture essays…on and on. Take note of what you like and play around with it in your own voice.

    Take note of what you don’t like and think about how to do it better, then do it. Don’t get too bogged down in comparing your work with other people’s. It’ll bring you nothing but frustration.

    Keep chugging forward!
    Cheers =)

    • You’re absolutely right. My biggest flaw has probably been comparing myself to everyone else, which in the end only detracts from my overall voice. Also defeats the purpose of “standing out,” because how is someone unique when they emulate everyone else?

      And yes, I read all kinds of articles — like crazy. It’s been the best help in everything so far (and it’s fun).

      Appreciate the advice Hayley! Would like it if we wrote on the same site again sometime.

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